Personal Training

12-Week Bulking Trainer Expert Brandon Poe

Whether it’s workout rush hour or there’s still some New Year’s resolution stragglers, a crowded gym can be a kick in the kettlebells—especially when it impedes your training. The annoyance compounds when you’re tight on time and can’t afford to run around the gym or wait for Teddy Broosevelt to finish his triple dropset.

Reputation. Respect. Result.

We know what is to defend rights. We work with people, for people and with the full respect to the law. Contact for more details!

Adam Thomas

Technical Director

Adam is a talented person with impressive knowledge and clear view on any problem he faces!

Angelo Lo Presti

Creative Director

He is in charge of presenting image of our company. Angelo managed to create eye-catching look of our online presense.

Colin Metcalf

Global Producer

Production of web projects requires a lot of efforts, knowledge and attention to deatils – Colin has all of them!

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Felix Doughry
UX Designer
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